Don't fence me in

This amazing fence art project was led by Outdoor Knit to bring attention to an empty, deserted lot in her neighborhood.

The saddest part is I think many neighborhoods (I can name a few in Seattle - ahem Pike & Pine) have spaces like this just sitting there with their coldness sucking the life out of a community. Many are staying empty for a long time as developers abandon shiny condo projects.

And when citizens have real ideas to at least have some temporary events to bring some life to the dead concrete lots, it's hard to understand why cities just fence 'em up for years!? Grrrr...


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Anonymous said...

Dear Zested
What a great site! I just wanted to mention that Warm for Winter is on again and collection i sfor 11/15/09>
See the web site for downloading flyer and or brochure!
Thanks for the blog posting before about knitting social at St Pats and WarmforWinter!
There is another social coming up at Unity Church in Bellevue, 10AM 10/10/09 !
Janice Tufte