Just booked

I'm pretty excited to tell you that I am planning a trip later this year! So you may start to see some travel postings here. I'm excited. The only things that make me less excited are the transportation aspects which make my head spin and that when I tell people about my trip they look at me like (and say it right out) "Are you dumb? The economy is collapsing into another Great Depression and what if you can't work when you get back? It's the worst time to travel ever."

Well...anything could happen. What if this, what if that. I'm tired of thinking that way. "The right time" and "the wrong time" are social constructions. The sun still rises and sets even if the market drops another 500 points on Monday. Life still goes on. I would rather regret going then waiting until the "right time..." Take that!

Oh! I forgot to tell you where I'm going. The plan right now is to go for about a month or so and hit up London, Morocco, "quick" stops in Spain and ending in France...we'll see where I end up though!

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