Ideas for 2009

I'm ready to put 2008 behind me (goodbye Georgie)! I got a lot done last year - I started this blog and handmade more stuff than I ever have before. I discovered that I love quilting, crocheting, crafting for good, Hope, Halloween and I even joined a quilting group - Quilter's Anonymous!

I am sure you are just dying to know what I want to work on in 2009. Craft-wise I will (notice the affirmation):
-Make some things for myself
-Sew a full-size quilt
-Crochet a sweater
-Participate in craft events/good causes
-Sell a handmade item
-Host a crafting party

And outside of craftiness I will:
-Build a home with Habitat for Humanity
-Be consistent with my Yoga practice
-Travel to Europe in April
-Travel to Ecuador in June to visit Ann

Hope you have a wonderful year! I have a feeling that it will be great economy be damned!

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