Just booked

I'm pretty excited to tell you that I am planning a trip later this year! So you may start to see some travel postings here. I'm excited. The only things that make me less excited are the transportation aspects which make my head spin and that when I tell people about my trip they look at me like (and say it right out) "Are you dumb? The economy is collapsing into another Great Depression and what if you can't work when you get back? It's the worst time to travel ever."

Well...anything could happen. What if this, what if that. I'm tired of thinking that way. "The right time" and "the wrong time" are social constructions. The sun still rises and sets even if the market drops another 500 points on Monday. Life still goes on. I would rather regret going then waiting until the "right time..." Take that!

Oh! I forgot to tell you where I'm going. The plan right now is to go for about a month or so and hit up London, Morocco, "quick" stops in Spain and ending in France...we'll see where I end up though!

Crafting for the National Day of Service

President-Elect Obama (and tomorrow official president!)
called for a National Day of Service today to serve for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Unfortunately, my office was open today so over the weekend I worked up a new hat for Warm for Winter's upcoming hat drive. There's still time to make more too!

This pattern is by Rheatheylia and can be found on Raverly (you'll need a Raverly account to view...).

Say it - O-B-A-M-A

Warm for Winter drive, social and potluck on Feb. 8th

Help individuals who are homeless keep warm this winter. Warm for Winter (an organization that collects handmade hats and scarves to bring awareness to homelessness) is having a drive AND knitting/crochet social/potluck on February 8th. You can bring your finished projects too (men's hats are most needed).

Warm for Winter Knitting/Crochet Social
When: Sunday February 8, 2009 from 1-3 PM
Where: St. Patrick's Parish in Seattle
2702 Broadway Ave E Seattle, WA 98102

RSVP with Janice at warmforwinter at yahoo (dot) com.

Their Thanksgiving 2008 drive collected over 5,900 hats & scarves (including two of mine :))!

More info about Warm for Winter here

Winter party wraps

Just because the temperature is below freezing doesn't mean you have to bundle up in your North Face every time you go out. Try making one of these quick wraps from Weekend Designer:

Fox-neck-boa (faux of course!)

Satin Stole

Crochet at Ikea?

Crochet is going mainstream. I was at Ikea this weekend and spotted a Chevron patterned throw and then saw another blanket on their website that looks very double-crocheted...

How to be happy

Valentine for good

Quick! This fun opportunity to send FredFlare.com a handmade Valentine to support Elder Craftsmen (an organization bringing craft workshops to senior citizens in New York) ends January 15th.

Oh this sounds so fun!
  • You make a Valentine
  • Mail your Valentine to Fred Flare
  • Fred Flare sells your Valentine on his website
  • Fred Flare donates the $$ to Elder Craftsmen

Go to Fredflare.com for all the details.

Thank you to Average Jane Crafter for sharing this event with her readers!

Doily + Hoodie = Fashion Magic

Words cannot express how unmeasurably fabulous this hoodie found on Craftstylish is. And you can get one too! Well you can make one too! Check out the tutorial How to "Doilify" Your Hoodie for $5 or less.

Spotted: 3-D Calendars



I'd still been searching for a great desk calendar for 2009 until I saw these two calendars on the Craftzine blog. Both are 3-D and require some paper-folding skillz (did I mention I'm not a great paper-folder...). Oh and both are free and available to download directly from their websites!

1. Hexahedron decorated with adorable animals from Blackpio.
2. KaL-09 2009 Calendar Toy robot from Cubecraft.

Ideas for 2009

I'm ready to put 2008 behind me (goodbye Georgie)! I got a lot done last year - I started this blog and handmade more stuff than I ever have before. I discovered that I love quilting, crocheting, crafting for good, Hope, Halloween and Raverly.com. I even joined a quilting group - Quilter's Anonymous!

I am sure you are just dying to know what I want to work on in 2009. Craft-wise I will (notice the affirmation):
-Make some things for myself
-Sew a full-size quilt
-Crochet a sweater
-Participate in craft events/good causes
-Sell a handmade item
-Host a crafting party

And outside of craftiness I will:
-Build a home with Habitat for Humanity
-Be consistent with my Yoga practice
-Travel to Europe in April
-Travel to Ecuador in June to visit Ann

Hope you have a wonderful year! I have a feeling that it will be great economy be damned!