Handmade is a movement not a trend

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and the best is yet to come: New Year's - my favorite!

I have a little crafty opinion to share...Last week the New York Times published an article about The Recession and crafting revealing that despite downturns in major retail markets, crafting businesses from Michaels to Etsy to indie crafters are actually getting a boost. 'Bout time is all I have to say! Although I do think the article is a little too assuming that handmade and cheap go hand in hand - a thought that many of the readers shared as well. It's a common misconception. Just because the materials at first glance seem cheaper than buying a designer version of a product, doesn't mean you can't find something much, much cheaper at somewhere else like Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's or even Nordstrom. Then on top of materials, if you buy handmade you are also paying for the artists time - and that ain't and shouldn't be free!

I think (hope) that more and more people are buying handmade and local goods because they are wanting to get out of the loop of mass consumerism. I've noticed people are more interested in supporting their neighbors and community than purchasing the latest facotry-made, single-serving, pointless, clutter-increasing do-dads. There's an increasing desire - a shift - to support those mom-and-pop shops that have been on the decline for so long. People are finally realizing that they feel better when buying 1 or 2 things from their neighbor than buying 10 things from the big-box store.
It's similar to the Locavore movement (which I also love...).

At any rate...have a wonderful New Year! I will be back on the blog next week!

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