Beaded Icicle ornament tutorial

Here are the steps to create a simple icicle ornament for your tanenbaum. I recently mailed these ornaments out to various corners of the U.S. and England and Switzerland as part of Cake & Pie's Holiday Ornament Swap on Swap-bot. If you've never done a swap, there are many fun ones on Swap-bot and I'm thinking of doing a sock exchange next month...

To create a beaded icicle ornament you will need:

-Variety of "ice" looking beads in various sizes (about 10-15 beads per icicle)
-Six-strand embroidery floss
-Tapestry needle
-Hot glue gun

Arrange your beads into an icicle-ish formation
Cut a strand of floss about 12 inches in length
Thread your tapestry needle and start stringing your beads beginning with the bottom bead of your icicle
When you get to the last bead, make a loop and then start stringing the beads again in the opposite direction
When you get to the end, tie a knot and trim the extra floss
Tie a knot using your loop to secure the top bead as well
Add a dab of hot glue to secure your knots

Hang on your tree!

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zebuladesign said...

Thanks so much for the icicle ornament. It was a clever idea!