I'm thankful for Thanksgiving decor

Does it seem that stores have skipped a holiday? Soon after Halloween, shop windows started displaying snow-filled scenes with Christmas trees, presents and other winter holidayesque settings.

Well it's still fall people. There are still a few rebellious leaves that ain't goin' no where no how. And next week is Thanksgiving!

I get hungry just thinking about it, but I've never been a great cook. Even when I was a kid I tried to stay out of the kitchen by working on extravagant place cards.

Thankfully (hardy-har-har) the crafting world has not forgotten about Thanksgiving and offers many DIY and handmade ideas for your big T-day that are pretty and functional too. Here are some of my favs:

Apartment Therapy's Etsy placemat roundup
Placemats you can hang when not in use...brilliant!

The Purl Bee's Appliqued Quilted Runner + Fringed Napkins
A table runner that doubles as a hot pad...brilliant!

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