Happy Hour: lovely lemon drop

Start off your next ladies night with a lemon drop. Why? It tastes like candy. You can drink it martini-style or go all hardcore and drink as a shot.

Martini-style version (as seen in image):
1/2 oz lemon-flavored vodka (like Absolute Citron)
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
Simple syrup (aka sugar water)

In a martini shaker, muddle 3 ice cubes and 2-3 slices of lemon (to get the juice). Fill the glass with ice, add lemon-flavored vodka (like Absolut Citron) and a dash of simple syrup. Shake Shake Shake SeƱora.

Add sugar to the rim of your martini glass: rub the edge of the martini glass with a lemon wedge, and flip glass upside down into a pile of sugar.

Strain and pour the liquid goodness from your shaker into your martini glass.

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