Countdown: 35 days! Time to make an Advent calendar

Oh my! Only 35 days until Christmas. Are you ready? I'm not. It's okay to be honest.

Even more pressing though...Advent begins on November 30th. Yes, that's in 10 days. I have big plans to finish my Advent calendar this weekend because next week is Thanksgiving with it's own business to take care of. But which one will it be? It's too hard to pick just one of these creative tutorials:

The most elegant Advent calendar ever from The Red Thread. Complete with birdies!

Über-colorful Magnet Advent Calendar from Dollar Store Crafts.

Pocket Advent Calendar from my little mochi (uses Dentyne packs!).

Button Advent Calendar from Craftstylish.

Oh yes..and one more. For your iPhone! :)

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Heather - said...

So cool! I love Advent calendars! I have a felt one with pockets, and the top is a Christmas tree and the bottom pockets have ornaments on them. That's the kind we had while I was growing up. Also, I have a Playmobil toy one, but I think my kids are too young for it still.... If I opened it up for them, there would be pieces ALL OVER the house for advent.