Obama bag part 2 & 3

My first Obama bag made it's way to Ecuador, where my friend Ann posted some pics on her blog. Yay! The second bag, I gave to my mom for her birthday. Unfortunately for me, I only had a small amount of canvas left so used blue fleece to finish one for myself. Here they all are:

I posted a tutorial awhile back to make the reverse-appliqué logo: it's here.

If you like Obama and crafts, be sure to check out Julie Ree's Crafters for Obama group! (Note the new Crafters for Obama button ----->) :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Katy, I am so impressed by your craftiness and DIY-ethos. I'm digging the neat blog as well. Since you sew and I cook, with our powers combined we would make the perfect 1950's housewife - just kidding! Thanks again for the bag, I love it. :)

dogwood said...

I somehow stumbled across your blog :)... Awesome bags!