Ta done two projects

I went on a little sewing frenzy this weekend and actually worked on 3! projects (I forgot to take a picture of a t-shirt tote I gave to a friend for her birthday...). And here they are!

I made the slouchy bag with fabrics from my recent Quiltfest adventure and used my new favorite Craftster tutorial.

The quilt top on the right is the first quilt top I've made in 10 years (wow does that age me) and I had that quilt professionally quilted (before I lost it at a festival). I wanted to try quilting again so started small with one of those Joann's quilt-in-a-box quilts. I switched out some of the fabrics with some fabric from my stash of fabulous Amy Butler fat quarters. Now all I have to do is learn how to quilt the three layers together...yikes!

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