Don't be afraid of quilting!

Here it first, finished quilt. And I have a message for you - don't be afraid of quilting!

I feared stitching my three layers together with my little Brother, imagining I'd ruin the painstakingly-pieced together quilt top. But I didn't! I used really simple straight lines and I even added the binding by machine too...crazy huh!

I'm so happy it turned out and the blanket is headed to Children's Hospital to provide warmth and comfort.

And now like so many other quilters before me - I'm hooked. But quilting takes practice. Especially the machine quilting part....which brings me to a new weekly feature you'll see here - "quilting drills."

To start, I've made about a dozen fabric-and-batting sandwiches to practice some free-motion skillz. Want to join me?

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Anonymous said...

Horray! So glad you took the machine quilting plunge. Your quilt looks beautiful. And the fact that it's going to a children's hospital is so special. Happy quilting! x