Crafting Things Done

There may be a few posts on this blog about productivity and GTD (aka Getting Things Done). I know Getting Things Done seems more like a system for nine-to-fivers to keep their email under control and projects on task, but using some of the principles creatively (and creativity is what we crafters are all about) can help us keep our craftiness going from idea to Joann's to seam ripper to finished project.

Plus, I am a nine-to-fiver myself and slipping in my sewing projects sometimes takes a little inner motivation and planning to get to Crafting Things Done.

I want to plug the blog Zen Habits
(now available in my blogroll!) that covers practical and inspirational "simple productivity" tips and ways to simplify your life, get motivated to do the things you really want to do and stop doing the things you think you must do.

More to come...

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