Build a swing at the bus stop

Ever get bored waiting for the bus? Artist Bruno Taylor's series "Playful Spaces" included building this swing at a London Bus Stop.

Found on Urban Pranksters.

The Grape Nehi

Hope you are having a good week. If not, here's a little spirit to life your spirits, The Grape Nehi - one of my favorite fancy cocktails. If you don't have Chambord in your cupboard, run out and get some! It's not just for drinks. It tastes delicious on vanilla ice cream too...

The Grape Nehi
2 oz vodka
2 oz Chambord (raspberry liqueur)
3-4 lem
Ice cubes

Muddle the ice with lemon and add vodka. Shake. With a strainer, pour into a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Crafty Signage: Obama!

Want to know how to say Obama in sign language?

Be sure to check out my tutorial on how to make an Obama reverse-applique-logo tote bag!

Try these tutorials

The number of DIY tutorials on the internets is out-of-control amazing! I'm reorganizing my list of favorites so be sure to check them out here on their own page.

Don't be afraid of quilting!

Here it first, finished quilt. And I have a message for you - don't be afraid of quilting!

I feared stitching my three layers together with my little Brother, imagining I'd ruin the painstakingly-pieced together quilt top. But I didn't! I used really simple straight lines and I even added the binding by machine too...crazy huh!

I'm so happy it turned out and the blanket is headed to Children's Hospital to provide warmth and comfort.

And now like so many other quilters before me - I'm hooked. But quilting takes practice. Especially the machine quilting part....which brings me to a new weekly feature you'll see here - "quilting drills."

To start, I've made about a dozen fabric-and-batting sandwiches to practice some free-motion skillz. Want to join me?

Short break

It was 90 degrees in Seattle this weekend and the Olympics are messing with my sleeping schedule so I'm taking a short break. Don't worry gentle reader, I will be back next week. Enjoy the sunshine!

Ta done two projects

I went on a little sewing frenzy this weekend and actually worked on 3! projects (I forgot to take a picture of a t-shirt tote I gave to a friend for her birthday...). And here they are!

I made the slouchy bag with fabrics from my recent Quiltfest adventure and used my new favorite Craftster tutorial.

The quilt top on the right is the first quilt top I've made in 10 years (wow does that age me) and I had that quilt professionally quilted (before I lost it at a festival). I wanted to try quilting again so started small with one of those Joann's quilt-in-a-box quilts. I switched out some of the fabrics with some fabric from my stash of fabulous Amy Butler fat quarters. Now all I have to do is learn how to quilt the three layers together...yikes!

Quiltfest Pics

Wow! Quiltfest was amazing. I took a few pictures of ones that really caught my eye, but there were soooo many quilts! Click below for some pictures:

Quiltfest Slideshow

Alter-this: Adding poetry just got easier

Were you inspired by last week's Alter-this project to add a little poetry to your next project? Well Craftstylish posted some tips for using new fabric sheets that can be put through your home printer (yes that's right - through your printer!) so you can print anything you want, including your favorite poem, and add it to your next project.

Here's a few resources:
Electric Quilt
Color Textiles

Crafty Signage: I sew clothes

A quick video on how to sign "I sew clothes."

Quiltfest is this weekend!

And I'm going! I've never gone to anything like this so check back next week for a full report.

August 8, 9, 10
Friday & Sat 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

Washington State Convention & Trade Center
7th & Pike, downtown Seattle

Visit their website.

Crafting Things Done

There may be a few posts on this blog about productivity and GTD (aka Getting Things Done). I know Getting Things Done seems more like a system for nine-to-fivers to keep their email under control and projects on task, but using some of the principles creatively (and creativity is what we crafters are all about) can help us keep our craftiness going from idea to Joann's to seam ripper to finished project.

Plus, I am a nine-to-fiver myself and slipping in my sewing projects sometimes takes a little inner motivation and planning to get to Crafting Things Done.

I want to plug the blog Zen Habits
(now available in my blogroll!) that covers practical and inspirational "simple productivity" tips and ways to simplify your life, get motivated to do the things you really want to do and stop doing the things you think you must do.

More to come...

New projects to try - The Motherload

The ultimate list of project tutorials is available at the Thirty Handmade Days blog. The best part is that they are all organized by type like Apron Love and Paper Crafts.