The Patchwork Purse Problem

I hate zippers. In theory they are fabulous, but I hate sewing them. And don't even get me started about buttonholes...

With these loathings in mind, I decided not to add a closure to my patchwork purse thinking, "oh, I'll just sew a snap or something later." WRONG. After a week of walking around downtown Seattle holding my purse together with my cheap and poorly sewn snap falling off, I had to take action.

So I added a zipper. Is it possible to add a zipper after you have sewn your bag? Possible yes, recommended no. And there wasn't that much sewing involved. I made a rectangle using the same fabric as the lining to sew the zipper to and then attached that to the bag with a little...steam-a-seam - cheating I know, but it worked!

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