Obama Reverse Appliquéd Logo Tote Tips

Make a statement without saying a word. Here are some tips for making this Obama Reverse-Appliquéd Logo Tote:

Step one: Pick your tote pattern.
There are many tote instruc
tionals out there. For mine I followed the Hip To Piece Squares tutorial on How to Make a Bag. There's even some classes on Esty for making tote bags.

Step two: Familiarize yourself with reverse appliqué techniques.
Here's the tutorial on C
raftyStylish that inspired me: How to Reverse Appliqué a Tote Bag.

Step three: Buy fabric following your design's instructions, but...
For the "outer layer" of the tote, choose a light color fabric like white or beige (I used canvas). This fabric will become the white stripes of the flag.

Find two fabrics - red (for the red stripes of the flag) and blue (for the sky) - and for each color get about 1/2 of the amount of fabric you purchased for the outer layer.
Find a bright yellow fabric (for the sun). You don't need very much!

Step four: Obamaize
After you cut,
but before you being sewing your fabric together begin Obamaizing your tote:

1. Print two copies of the Obama logo secretly while at work (or tell everyone - it depends where you work).
2. Cut out the sky and red stripes on one logo and just the sun (with a 1/4 inch border) on the other logo.

3. Trace the Obama logo onto your outer layer of your tote.

4. Take the front side of your tote's outer layer and pin the same size of your red and blue fabrics underneath. The order is outer layer, red, blue. Baste stitching these layers together is highly recommended!

5. Inside of the logo outline, draw another line about 1/4 inch away from the edge (you will tuck the 1/4 inch of fabric under and stitch).

6. For the top red stripe, also draw a 1/4 inch line ABOVE the outline into the sky area (you will actually tuck part of the red fabric to reveal the sky and the sun).

7. Start with the bottom red stripe and cut through the first layer of fabric to reveal the red fabric (do not cut over your 1/4 inch line).

8. Snip, tuck and stitch (refer to the tutorial!).

9. For the second red stripe, cut through the first layer of fabric to reveal your red fabric, snip, tuck, and stitch using the steps described in #7-8.

10. Warning - tricky parts coming up.

11. For the third red stripe, cut through the first layer of fabric to reveal your red fabric, but do not stitch yet...

12. For the sky area, cut through the first and second layer of fabric to reveal the blue fabric and snip, tuck, and stitch using the steps described in #7-8 just around the outside edge (watch the area where the sky corner meets the red stripe corner)!

13. In places where the red and blue fabrics meet, tuck and pin the red fabric as the last red stripe will be sewn later.

14. Time for the sun! Pin the sun just under the third red stripe.

15. In places where the red and yellow meet, to tuck and pin the yellow fabric as it will be sewn later.

16. Snip, tuck, and stitch the red fabric using the steps described in #7-8 to the blue sky fabric.

17. Snip, tuck and snip the yellow sun.

Step five:
Complete your tote using your pattern.


I also have some more pictures on my Flickr page.

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