Alter-this: Poetry on fashion

Cool idea, many uses. I'm picturing adding a single line around the hemline of a skirt or at the bottom of a shirt...


Crafty signage: I make things

I make things...

And now a warning...

In a few minutes I will be posting my first every crafty sign language video featuring a simple sign related to crafting. Yay!

I wanted to add this disclaimer
though that I am hearing, I am not fluent in American Sign Language and I am not even a certified translator. My connection to ASL is through my boyfriend (he's a coda - child of a deaf adult). The signs you will find on this blog may not be the official signs, but they are the ones we know.


I keep my end tables full of needlework and quilting so I don't have to dust them.
~Author Unknown

Form and function picushion

Finally! I finished one of the projects from my ever growing "projects to try" list. It's a handy wrist pincushion from Planet June.

My version is a little lumpier, but it works fabulously.

Thank you Planet June!

Crafted in the park

Here's a picture from my first event, "crafting in the park," last weekend. It was very sunny (backpacks provide great shade I guess). I hope to have another crafting date soon!

Alter-this: Prada shoes

Plain-old black sandals from Payless for a friends wedding + ruffle heel could someday become this Prada shoe...


Videos start next week...

...if I can figure out how my computer works!

Vote: which wallet-to-be?

After finishing up my patchwork purse, I realized I had a problem. My giant planner was just too big. So I picked up a little frame and pattern for a new coin-purse and dug through my fabric to see what might look good. Hopefully you'll see it finished here next week!

Which do you think? Vote at right!

Orange & Purple


Red & Red

Pattern courtesy of Bag Lady Bags from Stitches in Seattle.

Sockmonkey costume

"Anything goes" on Mondays and I meant it!

There is one workday I look forward to all year: my company's annual softball game. I am not very good at sports that involve hand-eye coordination, so last year I decided to participate in another way - by being a mascot! No one had done it yet, so googling sockmonkey costumes, I found this great tutorial to make the giant head. Here are some pics from this year's game...the Sockmonkeys vs. the Tubesocks.

On schedule

I noticed a trend on my own blog and decided to create a little schedule of what you can find here each week:
  • Mondays: Anything goes...
  • Tuesdays: To dos and ta dones - my personal plans and completed projects.
  • Wednesday: Crafty signage - learn some crafty related sign language.
  • Thursday: Alter-this - fashion that's dying to DIY.
  • Friday: New projects to try - a weekly round-up of my favorite new projects from around the web.

Alter-this: Delias again...

It was on sale! So I bought last week's "alter-this" tank and this new swim suit that I hope to add a little flower or something too...does screenprinting work on bathing suits...?


Obama Reverse Appliquéd Logo Tote Tips

Make a statement without saying a word. Here are some tips for making this Obama Reverse-Appliquéd Logo Tote:

Step one: Pick your tote pattern.
There are many tote instruc
tionals out there. For mine I followed the Hip To Piece Squares tutorial on How to Make a Bag. There's even some classes on Esty for making tote bags.

Step two: Familiarize yourself with reverse appliqué techniques.
Here's the tutorial on C
raftyStylish that inspired me: How to Reverse Appliqué a Tote Bag.

Step three: Buy fabric following your design's instructions, but...
For the "outer layer" of the tote, choose a light color fabric like white or beige (I used canvas). This fabric will become the white stripes of the flag.

Find two fabrics - red (for the red stripes of the flag) and blue (for the sky) - and for each color get about 1/2 of the amount of fabric you purchased for the outer layer.
Find a bright yellow fabric (for the sun). You don't need very much!

Step four: Obamaize
After you cut,
but before you being sewing your fabric together begin Obamaizing your tote:

1. Print two copies of the Obama logo secretly while at work (or tell everyone - it depends where you work).
2. Cut out the sky and red stripes on one logo and just the sun (with a 1/4 inch border) on the other logo.

3. Trace the Obama logo onto your outer layer of your tote.

4. Take the front side of your tote's outer layer and pin the same size of your red and blue fabrics underneath. The order is outer layer, red, blue. Baste stitching these layers together is highly recommended!

5. Inside of the logo outline, draw another line about 1/4 inch away from the edge (you will tuck the 1/4 inch of fabric under and stitch).

6. For the top red stripe, also draw a 1/4 inch line ABOVE the outline into the sky area (you will actually tuck part of the red fabric to reveal the sky and the sun).

7. Start with the bottom red stripe and cut through the first layer of fabric to reveal the red fabric (do not cut over your 1/4 inch line).

8. Snip, tuck and stitch (refer to the tutorial!).

9. For the second red stripe, cut through the first layer of fabric to reveal your red fabric, snip, tuck, and stitch using the steps described in #7-8.

10. Warning - tricky parts coming up.

11. For the third red stripe, cut through the first layer of fabric to reveal your red fabric, but do not stitch yet...

12. For the sky area, cut through the first and second layer of fabric to reveal the blue fabric and snip, tuck, and stitch using the steps described in #7-8 just around the outside edge (watch the area where the sky corner meets the red stripe corner)!

13. In places where the red and blue fabrics meet, tuck and pin the red fabric as the last red stripe will be sewn later.

14. Time for the sun! Pin the sun just under the third red stripe.

15. In places where the red and yellow meet, to tuck and pin the yellow fabric as it will be sewn later.

16. Snip, tuck, and stitch the red fabric using the steps described in #7-8 to the blue sky fabric.

17. Snip, tuck and snip the yellow sun.

Step five:
Complete your tote using your pattern.


I also have some more pictures on my Flickr page.

Crafting in the park anyone?

I officially overheated this weekend- it's not a complaint - it's a good thing. Summers in Seattle are short and unpredictable. Since I work 9-5, Monday - Friday, but don't want to come back to the office feeling like I've spent all my time off in a sewing dungeon, I knew it was time for a compromise.

For the past few Saturdays, I've been sitting in Cal Anderson Park with one of my little project tubs working on a little hand-sewn project. It's fun, but then I thought, you know what would make this even more fun? Other crafters!

So, if you like crafting and you like sunshine, come on over to Cal Anderson Park from 11am-1pm this Saturday - July 19th (before it gets too hot).

I'll try to think of something to make it easy to find our space - check back later or leave a message and I'll send you the details.

Other events next weekend:
After you're done crafting, head on over to West Seattle for the Mediterranean Fantasy Fest. You'll find hundreds of bellydancers and amazing vendors. It's a great event to find unique fabrics, jewelry pieces and inspirations for your next project.

Can't get enough of Cal Anderson Park? Come to Imagine Capitol Hill which starts at the Farmers Market and then continues with the 3rd Annual Bike-In at the park starting at 4pm.

Alter-this: Delias Tank

This tank from Delias is "like totally supercute" and a great idea to take a simple tank or tee and layer some alternating fabrics around the neck...


Screenprinting - trial by fire

We're slowly trying screenprinting each night when we get home from work. So far, we have two designs made: a blob and a maybe-we-should-have-let-it-sit-longer.

I'll post some pictures when I have something interesting to look at!

New projects to try

Make a journal from Blessed Roots and a Wrist pincushion from PlanetJune.

I found a little coin-purse kit at Stitches that I want to try over the weekend too!

The Patchwork Purse Problem

I hate zippers. In theory they are fabulous, but I hate sewing them. And don't even get me started about buttonholes...

With these loathings in mind, I decided not to add a closure to my patchwork purse thinking, "oh, I'll just sew a snap or something later." WRONG. After a week of walking around downtown Seattle holding my purse together with my cheap and poorly sewn snap falling off, I had to take action.

So I added a zipper. Is it possible to add a zipper after you have sewn your bag? Possible yes, recommended no. And there wasn't that much sewing involved. I made a rectangle using the same fabric as the lining to sew the zipper to and then attached that to the bag with a little...steam-a-seam - cheating I know, but it worked!

My best photo

This is the best photo I've ever taken (on a hike to Rattlesnake Ledge).

Oh baby! Oh baby!

Congrats to my girlfriend who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Hannah Marie! I also have another friend who is due soon with little Alexis Lyn. I wanted to whip up something for these beautiful babies and appliquéd these bright bibs. I'm not great at drawing, so I found the flower design online. The back of the bibs are hot pink and electric green and the layers are finished together with bias tape.

Oh...and I added a little baby bottle embroidered paper card too! Next up booties and more booties!