It's crafting with a twist! So...what's the twist? Well, I've always dabbled in crafting - sewing, quilting, crochet, painting, elaborate Halloween costumes - but it wasn't until recently while working late at home that I looked over at my dusty sewing machine and and felt the urge to sew something, anything! I missed that feeling...that process that takes you from idea to Joann's to seam ripper to finished project. I realized I needed to take action and not just leave crafting to "when I have free time."

So these are my adventures in creating space and time for experimental crafting.

My goal with my writing here is to keep all of these things out of my head and on paper (or whatever you call this...) because when I announce here my grand crafting schemes - I better follow through!

And what's the twist? Well the twist is that little extra zest of individual that gets sprinkled onto any project. We all have some. Here are mine. Hope you enjoy!


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