Create a place and a space

I was listening to a podcast with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah (ain't no shame!) and Oprah asked him what inspired him to write his book. He answered that everyday he sat with pen in hand ready to write. Some days he would write for hours. Other days he would write absolutely nothing, but he would still sit there ready...

While I haven't yet carved out a time for crafting every day, I finally decided to create a place. My former habit would be: have an idea, dig through a pile for fabric, realize I still had to wash and iron it, need a bunch of stuff from Joann's, and decide to "do it later."

It's sad how later so often becomes never.

Back to my place - I live in a charming one bedroom, so my place is a corner and it used to be the corner where I would pile clothes and mail. Now I have each of the projects I am working on in a tub so that I can grab it and just start where I left off. Small idea, but it's helped. And now I'm ready...

(Desk and cabinet courtesy of IKEA)

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