Don't fence me in

This amazing fence art project was led by Outdoor Knit to bring attention to an empty, deserted lot in her neighborhood.

The saddest part is I think many neighborhoods (I can name a few in Seattle - ahem Pike & Pine) have spaces like this just sitting there with their coldness sucking the life out of a community. Many are staying empty for a long time as developers abandon shiny condo projects.

And when citizens have real ideas to at least have some temporary events to bring some life to the dead concrete lots, it's hard to understand why cities just fence 'em up for years!? Grrrr...


Another baby, another quilt

Last year when my friend had her baby I dreamed of making her a "hippie quilt." She's very into nature and sustainability and all those good things. The pattern was shared by Lizzy Dish.

Crafty goal

Remember when I posted about the Warm for Winter handmade hat and scarf drive and said if we started making one item per week until the September 15th deadline that we'd each be able to help 17 people? At the time, I didn't actually make the commitment to start crocheting, so I didn't actually start crocheting.

Now it's time to commit.

My new crafty goal:
Crochet 20 items (hats or scarves) by September 15th.

I've calculated that I'll need to make about 2 items per week and so far I'm about half-way done with my first scarf...

Hopefully I'll have some pics of finished projects projects posted soon!


I've been noticing more and more companies promoting happiness and small acts of goodness lately. And I love it! Here's a great example from Kodak. They're sponsoring two guys, the "Compliment Guys" to be exact, to drive the around the East Coast giving people (and animals apparently) free compliments. They dub their travels the "Brightside Tour" complete with website, youtube videos and twitter. Here's a video of them giving free compliments in NYC.

Seattle's largest indie craft show this weekend

It's here and I'll be there! Beat the heat, shop till you drop and support local independent crafters at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall this weekend (August 1st and 2nd from 11:00am - 5:00pm).

I will be volunteering on Sunday so stop by and say hi!

Volunteer your time to make hats and scarves

Just got an email from the Warm for Winter campaign. It's time to start crocheting and knitting those hats and scarves for their annual handmade hat and scarf drive. Last year they received 5,967 items!

This year, the goal is to collect over 1,000 hats and scarves by 11/15/2009 (Pacific Fabrics will be collecting again). According to the Warm for Winter website, "The number 1000 represents the number of housing units needed to be created each year to successfully tackle homelessness in King County."

If you could make a hat week between now and 11/15, you would be able to help 17 people stay warm this winter.

I know it seems strange to think about in this 90 degree weather, but tanning while crocheting sounds fun to me. I'll be hosting crochet/knit social this fall so stay tuned!

Watch: Crocheted coral w/hyperbolic geometry

Finally some math & science cred for crafters. Watch this TEDTalk by Margaret Wertheim who is leading a project bringing attention to coral reefs, mathematic figuring and other brilliant endeavors - using crochet of course. Crochet is the ONLY way to accurately recreate hyperbolic shapes in the real world - who knew!

Get the patterns! You too can create your own crocheted coral. Patterns created by "In Stitches" for the Sydney reef project are availabe here.

Via Mashable

Start your own petition

Doing good cannot be done alone. This week Mashable created a How To: Start a petition on Twitter and reviewed four services that allow you to start your own online petition and hopefully gain some interest in your cause:


I like Twibbon myself, as it allows people to add a small image supporting their cause to their Twitter avatar. You can search for a cause to add to your Twitter avatar too.

Today may I...

Who doesn't need to experience a little positive moment every now and again? KindOverMatter created a batch of printable affirmations and an adorable box to put them in.

Some of my favs:
"Today may I smile with my heart;
Today may my words be rooted in love;
Today may I spread joy in random & beautiful ways;
Today may I hear the whispers of my spirit; and
Today may I sparkle."

I'll be putting mine on my desk at the office so I can reach for one of these instead of the afternoon candy drawer...

Via Craft:

Crafting with legos

Check out this amazing "Relativity" by MC Escher-Lego sculpture created by "professional nerd" Andrew Lipton.

If you like that, his site has other lego creations including Rodin's "The Thinker," Escher's "Waterfall" and Dlibert of course.

I'm a big fan of Legos myself...

via the Craftster blog and their random spotting on the galactic interweb